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Robert Quarry reprises his role as Yorga, this time taking up residence by the Westwood orphanage. Mariette Hartley plays the lovely Cynthia, a kindhearted orphanage worker who unknowingly wins Yorga's heart. This might seem more special if Yorga weren't already being followed around by a bevy of nightgown-clad vampire girlfriends, but there you go. After Cynthia is captured and entranced by Yorga, her fiancée leads the chase to find her (helped by a few skeptical but dogged policemen--watch for a deeply embarrassed and heavily made-up Craig T. Nelson as one of the detectives). Quarry does his best to make Yorga a debonair vampire in the Dracula tradition, but is unfortunately hindered by Yorga's fondness for lounge-singer dinner jackets and his tendency to lunge at victims with both arms thrust straight out like a Scooby-Doo character. Yorga is mysterious, though--he is able to walk the land even during bright day-for-night sequences, for example, and there is also a fascinating moment in which he has apparently frightened a pod of humpback whales. This video edition includes the original theatrical trailer, which describes The Return of Count Yorga as "the most horrifying love story ever filmed."

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OR7111 Return Of Count Yorga VHS (1971/Robert Quarry) $7.99