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Untamed girls in tight sweater kill for a thrill in this pretty-but-deadly drive-in double bill! "The Violent Years" (1956, 65 min.) - From a screenplay by the one and only Ed Wood comes the story of good-girl-gone-bad Paula Parkins. Rebelling against her rich parents, Paula leads three high school hellcats in robbing a gas station, throwing a pajama party with older men and molesting a couple at Lovers' Lane! "Girl Gang" (1954, 53 min.) - Delinquent devil-dolls who'll do anything for dope! When not engaged in marijuana make-out parties, these joypopping jezebels commit robberies to feed their heroin habit until a botched holdup leaves rich kid Wanda with a slug in her side. Two hilarious must-see camp classics with budgets as cheap as their women!

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Special Features Ultra Cool J.D. Trailers for "The Violent Year," "The Coppers," "Jacktown," "Slightly Damaged," and "Strange Compulsion" Sex Hygiene Radio-Spot Rarities for "Slightly Damaged" 100 Never-Before-Seen Behind-the-Scenes Publicity Stills and Exploitation Art from "The Violent Years" Gallery of Drive-In Exploitation Art "Let's Go to the Drive-In!" - An interactive feature allowing uninterrupted playback of almost 3 hours worth of J.D. drive-in madness; 2 Archival short subjects: "Goofballs and Tea," and "What About Juvenile Delinquency?;" Classic Drive-In Intermission Shorts; Drive-In Intermission Announcements from the Projection Booth

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ID9753 Violent Years/Girl Gang DVD (1956/Ed Wood 1954/Robert Dertano) $14.98