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Black Mama, White Mama Pam and her co-star Margaret Markov spend most of "Black Mama, White Mama" (from a story by Joseph Viola and Jonathan Demme; 1973) handcuffed together; similar to Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis in "The Defiant Ones." Karen (Markov) wants to help her revolutionary friends. All tough-talking Lee (Pam Grier) wants is to grab a stash of cash and escape on a boat. When Karen's friends help her and Lee escape prison, it's a wild race through the jungle; as they defeat sadistic, lesbian prison guards and even temporarily dress as nuns! Foxy Brown Revenge is especially sweet when Pam Grier stars as super-sassy, super-sexy "Foxy Brown." And, as the title song says, don't make Foxy mad-- or you'll find out she's "Super-Bad." "Foxy Brown" (1974) reunited Pam with "Coffy" writer-directer Jack Hill. "Foxy Brown" follows a successful formula; very similar to "Coffy." Foxy Brown has a score to settle with the drug-dealers who put a hit out on her boyfriend Michael (Terry Carter).

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