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The society pages are shocked by the news that millionairess Flora Barton (Frieda Inescourt) has abruptly married unknown salesman Denny Williams (Patric Knowles), but not as shocked as humble manicurist Jean Russell (Lucille Ball), Denny's intended. Reeling at Denny's callous treatment, Jean redoubles her efforts to crack into the beauty biz and teams up with savvy ad-man Jeff Martin (Donald Woods). Jeff secures backing for Jean's salon start-up from Flora, who is seeking a project for her now-restless husband to run. Jean is all business at first - to the chagrin of her admirer, Jeff - while Denny renews his pursuit of Jean. Befriending Flora, Jean dispatches Denny to her West Coast salon and drafts Flora into a beauty school crash course to help Flora keep her man. Behind Jean's selfless acts, however, beats a selfish heart that still loves Denny. Lucille Ball infuses all the romantic complications with pure delight.

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WAA652595 Beauty For the Asking DVD (1939/Lucille Ball) $21.99