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APPOINTMENT IN HONDURAS: An adventurer carrying a vast sum of money (Glenn Ford), a husband and wife whose marriage is on the rocks (Ann Sheridan & Zachary Scott), and a murderous band of cutthroats trek through the jungles of Central America on a mission to save an ousted political leader. On their incredible journey they must face and overcome many dangers in their path including flesh-eating tiger-fish, king-sized alligators, a cloud of hornets and a blazing jungle fire! Jacque Tourneur's tight direction is once again first class in this thrilling adventure, reminiscent of a Republic cliffhanger. RT: 79 min, Color, 1.33:1, NR, 1953 ESCAPE TO BURMA: When local British Burma prince is found murdered, his grieving father seeks vengeance and Jim Brecan (Robert Ryan) becomes the prime suspect. Fleeing for his life, he finds temporary sanctuary in a teak plantation managed by a wealthy colonial woman (Barbara Stanwyck). She believes in his innocence and the two fall in love but their happiness is threatened as authorities close in. Rather than submit to the uncertainty of a trial, they venture into the savage Burmese jungle where there is a different set of laws. RT: 86 min, Color, 1.85:1, NR, 1955

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UE8343 Escape To Burma/Appointment In Honduras DVD (1955/1953) $9.99