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Billy the Kid Outlawed (1940, B&W): Billy the Kid drives a herd of cattle to the Bennett ranch in Lincoln County, New Mexico. Unbeknownst to Billy, he's riding into the center of a savage power struggle between outlaw boss Sam Daly and the beleaguered sheriff. Daly is running in the upcoming election to replace the sheriff and seal his grip on the territory. Billy reaches his destination moments after Daly's thugs ambush and kill his good friends, the Bennett brothers. Outraged, Billy goes after the killers, capturing most of them. But it's too late - the election results are in and Daly is the new sheriff. He frees his gang and puts a price on the heads of Billy and his pals. Starring Bob Steele, Al St. John, Carlton Young; Directed by Peter Stewart (Sam Newfield). Sundown Saunders (1935, B&W): Jim "Sundown" Saunders wins a 640-acre ranch in a horse race, quits his job, and rides off to his new home. But he's not the only claimant to the property. John Preston, a sheepherder, and his beautiful daughter, Bess, have just moved into the ranch house, having paid $1000 to a con-man named Taggart. To keep Saunders from ruining his scheme, Taggart shoots a man and attempts to frame Sundown for the murder. Taggart joins up with a large band of outlaws who are planning to rob the local bank. The sheriff acquits Sundown and assembles a platoon of deputies to stop the gang, setting the stage for a violent showdown. Starring Bob Steele, Marie Burton, Ed Cassidy, Earl Dwire, Milt Morante; Written & Directed by Robert N. Bradbury.

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