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This uncensored look at nudist colonies around the world lays bare the history of the practice of nakedness in a "100-percent authentic" style that had 1933 censor boards fuming, protesters marching and police squads raiding theaters. Our clothing-optional tour begins at the Catskills' Camp Olympia where New Yorkers enjoy their weekends of freedom exercising, swimming and lounging in the sun. The next stop is France where we get an Eiffel of the tower, enjoy a Folies-Bergere performance, and join birthday-suiters at a Paris gym and behind the high stone walls of a 16th century chateau. The good times continue as we move on to Germany, the land where the nudist movement originated, and visit with physical culture buffs made fit by outdoor recreation. With historical proponents Ben Franklin, Henry David Thoreau and Walt Whitman, as this movie contends, you too can enjoy the naked truth about going au natural.

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ALP6362 This Nude World DVD (1932) $5.99