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Beat The Clock (2 episodes): The father of wacky game shows, "Beat The Clock" features couples competing for cash and prizes by performing outrageous physical stunts. The hilarious format of "Beat The Clock" has been copied countless times and the show itself enjoyed several revivals as recently as 2002. Host Bud Collyer is best remembered as the voice of the man of steel on the Superman radio show as well as on Fleischer Studios legendary animated shorts. Hosted by Bud Collyer; Directed by Franklin Helller. Episodes originally aired 1950-1961. I've Got a Secret (2 episodes): Celebrity panelists compete to be the first to uncover the secrets of invited guests on America's number one game show "I've Got a Secret." Produced on the heels of the popular show "What's My Line," "I've Got a Secret" proved to be even more successful - running for fourteen years. Television star Garry Moore hosted the show till 1964 when he was replaced by Steve Allen. The original version of the show ended in 1967, but briefly returned in the summer of 1976 with original panelist Bill Cullen as the host. Hosted by Garry Moore; Starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Bill Cullen, Jayne Meadows, Henry Morgan, Faye Emerson; Directed by Frank Satenstein. Episodes originally aired 1952-1967.

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