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Hugh Bonneville plays a magazine feature writer who, as the movie opens, is grumbling about his upcoming interview with a fatuous French filmmaker whose theories about love Hugh finds ludicrous. Hugh's live-in girlfriend, played by Victoria Hamilton is grumbling because they're running late for couples counseling. The issue: After 10 years together Hugh's done something unthinkable. But it's not what you think. Their friends, played by Anne-Marie Duff and Douglas Henshall, became a couple after she saw him about to jump off a bridge and talked him out of it. These two, too, are headed for troubled waters. Their problem? Something all too ordinary on the surface, but with a twist you're also not expecting. How will these four end up? Probably just as you do expect--it's a rom-com after all, but with one more tiny twist at the very end, and just a bit of French--Piaf's famous torch song, "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" (No, I regret nothing)--on the soundtrack with the credits.

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