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Chu Chin Chow is entertainment on a generous scale, with an amazing story in the style of the Arabian Nights, an exceptional cast, a splendid musical score and a bright and richly mounted production. The movie is a musical retelling of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, complete with fantastic tortures and half clad slave girls. The production boasted lavish sets by Ern Metzner and cinematography by Max Greenbaum, both top artists from the German Expressionism era. The original film was 102 minutes long. It was then cut by both British and American Distributors to 93 minutes and finally to 78. VCIs release is a three-disc box set containing the restoration of the original 102 minute version, along with the American version titled Ali Baba Nights, and as a bonus, the very rare 1935 film Abdul the Damned starring Fritz Kortner, who played Abu Hassan in Chu Chin Chow.

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Original Uncut British Production - Digitally Remastered, Commentary Track by Jay Fenton, Bonus: Ali Baba Nights Cut-down American Version of Chu Chin Chow, Bonus: Abdul the Damned - Rare Classic Film starring Fritz Kortner (star of Chu Chin Chow)

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