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Playboy Bob Conrad falls head-over-heels for a beautiful and gifted young pianist, Dorothy McCarthy. The monkey wrench in his romantic plans is Ma McCarthy, who finds Bob's fast-living, drinking and carousing, entirely unacceptable. Determined to win Dorothy's affections, Bob swallows a big dose of humility and takes a job as a lowly store clerk. His efforts seem to be paying off when, at the worst possible time, a sexy siren from Bob's past shows up on the scene. This romantic tale set in a small town highlights a marvelous cast led by Eric Linden and Cecilia Parker. Directed by W. Duncan Mansfield and written by Karl Brown, Girl Loves Boy is a wonderful, musical love story that rings true with its clever dialog and its down-home setting.

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ALP6419 Girl Loves Boy DVD (1937/Eric Linden) $5.99