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Young war orphan Paul (Bobby Blake) is plagued by nightmares of bombs and death. Alienated and distrustful of people, he is placed in the care of Father Matthew (Donald Woods) at a remote California mission to try to help him outgrow his fears. A plucky German shepherd named Rin Tin Tin escapes from his cruel master at a nearby kennel and makes his way to the mission. The boy and the dog bond instantly, much to the delight of the priest who believes the boy's best hope for recovery lies with his newfound companion. When the kennel owner comes to take the dog away, Paul tearfully demands proof from God that, as Father Matthew maintains, "things work out in the end." When a pack of ravenous coyotes attack the kennel owner, Rin Tin Tin is given one last opportunity to help restore Paul's faith in God and man. The dog that starred in this 1947 installment of the immensely popular canine series is actually Rin Tin Tin III, grandson of the silent movie legend who was one of Hollywood's biggest box office draws. Grandpa Rinty, himself a war-orphan brought to the States, was first discovered by Darryl F. Zanuck. He lived a pampered life, earning $6000 a week, eating filet mignon dinners to the accompaniment of a private classical ensemble, and dying in Jean Harlow's lap. Robert Blake started in films at the age of five in the Our Gang series, parlaying his pouty cuteness into a successful childhood acting career. As an adult he stunned audiences as killer Perry Smith in Truman Capote's In Cold Blood (1967) and then charmed them as Tony Baretta in the most popular police show of the mid 1970s.

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