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Jan of the Jungle is captured and abducted by a band of ruthless scientists. Seeking a secret formula discovered by Jan's father, the criminals imprison the boy on their freighter. A powerful typhoon capsizes the steamer and Jan escapes with fellow captive, beautiful Mona Andrews. The fugitives race through the treacherous wilderness towards Mona's home, the legendary lost city of Mu, with the murderous gangsters hot on their trail. Based on the pulp adventure series, Jan Of The Jungle by Otis Adelbert Kline, Savage Fury was originally released in 1935 as a 12-chapter serial entitled The Call of the Savage. Prolific character actor Noah Beery, Jr. (son of Noah Sr. and nephew of Wallace Beery) would achieve widespread fame forty years later playing James Garner's dad in the hit 70s TV series, "The Rockford Files."

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