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Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert's classic tale of infidelity and greed, is updated to 1930s New York. Wealthy Dr. Gregory is shocked when his son Jerry elopes with a beautiful social-climber, Sheila Bailey. Bored with the routine of married life, she engages herself in a torrid love affair with wealthy playboy Alex Stockmar. Her untamed desires will bring scandal to the Gregory family and lead to tragedy. "B" movie star Joyce Compton, whose lengthy career included roles in Imitation Of Life (1946) and They Drive By Night (1940), gives a performance as Sheila Bailey that still shocks. Her best-remembered appearance was in Bela Lugosi's only color film, Scared To Death (1947). Handsome leading-man turned character actor, Lyle Talbot plays the naive Jerry Gregory. Talbot's long distinguished career in movies and TV spanned five decades.

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