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What would you find in the heart of white woman who was the captive bride of a cave-dwelling savage? Grotesque and weird though it may seem, a blonde English-speaking woman was found naked living in a cave! This shocking discovery turned Dr. Paul C. Withington's expedition into a drama of truth stranger than fiction and gave this picture its title. Former Harvard professor, Dr. Withington, vouches for the total accuracy of this remarkable motion picture. On expedition in the remote reaches of Australia, Dr. Withington sought a living descendant of the Neanderthal man of 50,000 years ago when he made his astounding discovery. All true, all filmed as it happened - this amazing real-life adventure was lost to public view for over 50 years!

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Special Features Contains fascinating reproduction of original pressbook materials.

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ALP1059 Blonde Captive DVD (1931/Lowell Thomas) $5.99