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Antonio Bido (aka Anthony Bido) directed this well-crafted Italian giallo thriller, which borrows from the masters of the genre – Mario Bava and Dario Argento. The story concerns a young nightclub dancer (Sylvia Kramer/Paola Tedesco) who witnesses a murder and the efforts of her lover (Richard Stewart/Corrado Pani) to track down the killer before he can get to her. With this film, Bido created a work that was both stylish and well plotted. Replete with the haunting atmosphere and gruesome deaths one expects from the genre, plus an outstanding musical score. aka “Gatto dagli occhi di giada, Il” (1977, Italy)

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Special Features Original Theatrical Trailer, Bonus Horror Trailers, Bios, Original :30 second and :60 second radio spots.

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