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Includes episodes 936-975. At the altar of the Leviathans, Barnabas Collins is attacked by a bat and is once again a victim of the vampire curse. Dr. Julia Hoffman hopes to cure Barnabas by resuming her medical treatment of him through a series of injections. But, Barnabas is unable to resist biting a new victim. Nicholas Blair, the warlock returns and Angelique learns that both he and her husband, Sky Rumson, are aiding the Leviathans. Jealous of Barnabas‘ affection for Maggie Evans, Angelique casts a spell to make Quentin Collins and Maggie fall in love. Jeb Hawkes, the Leviathan’s leader, summons an army of zombies to kidnap Julia, in the hopes that she can make him human. Sabrina Stuart tries to protect her boyfriend, Chris Jennings, from the sinister Bruno, who has learned the identity of the werewolf. Barnabas is startled to discover a room in Collinwood‘s east wing which serves as a portal to a parallel universe.

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Special Features Exclusive interviews with actors Nancy Barrett, Christopher Pennock, Geoffrey Scott and soap opera journalist Michael Logan.

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