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England 1768-1815. The golden age of wealth, power and discovery, though not for Edmund Blackadder Esq. Edmund is now butler and gentleman's gentleman to the "mini-brained" Prince Regent. 1. Dish and Dishonesty - Concerns Blackadder's attempts to influence the outcome of a British election, in order to defeat Pitt the Younger (and his brother Pitt the Even Younger). Unfortunately Baldrick spends all the bribe money on a gigantic turnip. 2. Ink and Incapability - Robbie Coltrane guest stars as Samuel Johnson (who anachronistically is also friends with Byron, Shelley and Coleridge). When Baldrick admits he threw the only copy of Johnson's 'Dictionary' on the fire, Blackadder must rewrite the whole thing from scratch. 3. Nob and Nobility - The French revolution is on and Mrs Miggins is busy serving suspiciously shaped sausages. 4. Sense and Senility - The Prince Regent decides to be an actor, but Edmund pulls the curtain on his plans. 5. Aim and Amiability - In order to keep his master, and thereby himself, in the lifestyle to which they have been born, Black Adder tries to secure his boorish boss a new, wealthy bride. 6. Duel and Duality - The Prince and Blackadder swap roles, and the highly aggressive Duke of Wellington (Stephen Fry) proceeds to beat the Prince senseless for talking back to his betters.

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