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Six episodes: 1. The Foretelling - A lone horseman, cursed with a bad haircut and a large codpiece, races to battle after sleeping in. After three cases of mistaken identity, the wrong king is crowned, the enemy escapes and three witches foretell of Black Adder's rise to the crown. 2. Born to be a King - The cowardly Black Adder must plot against a barbaric Scottish cousin in order to keep his holdings amidst a cast of leaping rabbis, a eunuch's feast and the death of a pharaoh. 3. The Archbishop - Archbishops die fast and often in Medieval England. So it is perfect obvious to Black Adder that his pious brother, and rival to the throne, desperately needs the job. 4. The Queen of Spain's Beard - International treachery gives Black Adder a chance to press his shriveled little body against some of Europe's most eligible princesses. 5. Witchmeller Pursuivant - A bit of black death is in the air, but that's not what is threatening to kill Edmund Black Adder. 6. The Black Seal - Thwarted for the last time, Edmund sets forth to find seven evil men and fulfill the witches prophecy .

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