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Dead or Alive trilogy veterans Riki Takeuchi and Sho Aikawa re-team for this dark tale of two former best friends whose lives begin to take separate paths in the wake of tragedy in this action film from Happy People director Kosuke Suzuki. Having both been in love with the delicate Yuki for as long as either can remember, Masayuki and Takuya lose touch soon after Yuki is brutally raped. As Takuya begins a bleak descent to the wrong side of the law, Masayuki finds legitimate success as a talented doctor. Beaten to within an inch of his life by a deceptive and violent crime lord, hired killer Takuya subsequently lands in the care Masayuki who nurses his old friend back to health. When it's revealed that Masayuki's attacker is also one of Takuya's patients, the stage is set for a blood-soaked confrontation that may well cost all three men their lives.

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