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While trying to capture an legendary elusive wild stallion, cowhand Yak Dawson tries to save pretty Marie Wolcamp from losing the ranch to a back-stabbing foreman. Amazing action shots of herds of horses charging through beautiful western landscapes, a battle between two wild stallions and Yakima Canutt's signature action sequences make Wild Horse Canyon a rare gem. Hollywood legend Yakima Canutt started out at age 17 as a trick rider in a wild west show and went on to become a rodeo champion. First hired by Tom Mix, he emerged as the leading stunt man in Hollywood history, creating most of the tricks that became film staples, while setting new industry standards for safety. He became a popular leading man in the silent era in productions such as Wild Horse Canyon, but an illness damaged his vocal chords as the sound era dawned, relegating him to action work. In the amazing career that followed he worked closely with John Wayne, Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, and contributed to many classic films including Stagecoach (1939), Gone With The Wind (1939) and culminating with his work on the chariot race in Ben-Hur (1959). He was awarded a special Academy Award in 1966.

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