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Ben Mitchell is the latest casualty from the Miracle Gold Mining Company, and his murder is made to appear as an accident by the gunmen. The killers work for Murdock, leader of a gang melting stolen gold. Mine owner Stan Barton threatens to expose the ruthless mastermind, but he is saved from the gunslingers by rider "Alamo" Johnson. Arriving at the Bar M Ranch to warn Grandma Barton of the threat facing her mining facility, Alamo learns of the legendary Masked Phantom who fought evil in the old west. In an effort to defeat the murderous thieves, Alamo conspires to resurrect this mysterious enforcer of justice whose calling card was a death-head dagger. The Adventures of the Masked Phantom was intended as a star-launching role for former aerial stunt pilot Monty Rawlins, but the independent movie's limited exposure in 1939 put an untimely end to his brief stardom. Rawlins went on to a behind-the-scenes career in the motion picture industry.

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ALP5418 Adventures of the Masked Phantom DVD (1939/Monty Rawlins) $5.99