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DRACULA: Palance stars as the evil count in this fine made-for-television version of the Dracula story. THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL AND MR.HYDE: Acclaimed British television production of the immortal tale of the original split-personality by famed author Robert Louis Stevenson. PICTURE OF DORIAN GREY: In Victorian England, young aristocrat Dorian Gray (Shane Briant) meets Sir Harry Wotton (Nigel Davenport) and is introduced to London's society circuit and a decadent world of self-indulgence. Dorian sinks further into a cruel, hedonistic existence as Sir Harry's unscrupulous influence over him grows. While Dorian's appearance remains youthful, he discovers that his portrait ages and takes on hideous features reflecting his sinful ways. Ultimately, Dorian realizes that he has lost possession of his soul. TURN OF THE SCREW: When young Jane Cubberly (Lynn Redgrave) takes on the position of governess of two orphaned children at a foreboding English country estate, she learns that the children's previous governess, Miss Jessel, died under mysterious circumstances. As Miss Cubberly becomes acquainted with the children she finds they are being controlled by the menacing spirits of Miss Jessel and her evil lover, Peter Quint. A desperate battle follows as the sinister ghosts attempt to take complete possession of the children's souls.

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MP6356 Dan Curtis Macabre Collection DVD Box Set (Dracula, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Picture of Dorian Grey, Turn of the Screw) $49.98 $44.98