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Martin Strang is a brilliant but amoral criminal defense lawyer who manipulates the letter of the law to routinely pervert justice, allowing his guilty clients to escape conviction for their crimes. There is nothing that Strang won't stoop to for an acquittal. Years at the bar have blinded him from knowing the realities of right from wrong. All that matters to Strang is the thrill of courtroom victory and the smug knowledge of his superiority over his peers. A sex murderer who Strang has gotten off because of a technicality strikes again. The lawyer's world slowly begins to crumble as he realizes the harsh consequences of his unscrupulous courtroom behavior. Subsequently, Strang learns that his pretty but icy wife, Lucille, is having a torrid affair with a criminal psychiatrist. Insane with the crushing weight of his past deeds, marital betrayal and misled life, the lawyer sets a cunning and diabolical trap to ensnare his wife and her lover and punish them!

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ALP5576 Judge, The DVD (1949/Milburn Stone) $5.99