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Buster Keaton goes back to school and stages a hilarious send-up of university life in College. Keaton stars as Ronald, an idealistic freshman who attends Clayton College in pursuit of higher learning, but finds himself instead embroiled in a war of athletics as he fights for the heart of his beloved coed, Mary (Anne Cornwall). More than he had in any other feature, Keaton stretched the boundaries of solo physical comedy. In a series of unforgettable vignettes, stone-faced Ronald tries his hand as a baseball player, soda jerk, waiter, coxswain, and track star, perfomring each task with a steady determination but with consistently disastrous results. These scenes are epecially amazing because in demonstrating Ronald's athletic inadequacies, Keaton reveals a surprising degree of physical prowess and finesse, particularly during the film's exhilarating climax.

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In addition to the feature, this DVD also contains three Keaton short films. In The Electric House (Dir. Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline. U.S. 1922. 23 mins. B&W. Music arranged by Robert Israel.), Buster turns an ordinary dwelling into an automated funhouse, whose modern conveniences go hilariously haywire at the hands of a jealous rival. Mechanical mayhem is also wrought in the shop of The Blacksmith (Dir. Buster Keaton, Mal St. Clair. U.S. 1922. 21 mins. B&W. Music: Robert Israel at the Fotoplayer.). Hard Luck, which Keaton named as his favorite short work, follows a suicidal Buster as he makes a final effort at fitting in with society at a swank country club.

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