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Hugh Marlowe plays scientist Russell Marvin, who is on-hand when an alien spacecraft lands on earth. The saucermen at first insist that they've come in peace, but Marvin suspects otherwise. Sure enough, the visitors eventually declare their intention to take over the earth within the next 60 days, adding that the military's weapons are useless against them. The two-month window gives Marvin and his cohorts plenty of time to build-up superweapon, and thus stave off the seven-saucer invasion force. Special effects maestro Ray Harryhausen does a nice job laying waste to Washington DC in the film's memorable finale.

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Special Features * Disc One: * Feature available in original B&W and Color (ChromaChoice to toggle between B&W and color) * Audio commentary with Ray Harryhausen, visual effects artists Jeffrey Okun and Ken Ralston, and Arnold Kunert * * Disc Two: * Remembering Earth vs. The Flying Saucers * The Hollywood Blacklist and Bernard Gordon * Tim Burton sits down with Ray Harryhausen * Interview with Joan Taylor * A present-day look at stop-motion * David Schecter on film music's unsung hero * Digital sneak peek of Flying Saucers vs. The Earth comic book * Original screenplay credits * Video photo galleries * Original Ad artwork * The Colorization process

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CO22619 Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers 2 disc DVD (1956/Ray Harryhausen) $24.95