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The Whole McGillicuddy: All 9 Seasons! All 194 Episodes! Fall in love again and again with the timeless comedy that entertains generation after generation. This special 34-disc DVD collection contains every hilarious episode of every classic season of I Love Lucy--from the Lost Pilot to the The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour shows. Join Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel for non-stop laughter as you savor every magical moment of the greatest sitcom of all time. Includes all new special features including I Love Lucy: The Movie, the first Fully-Colorized I Love Lucy episode, I Love Lucy at the 6th Annual Emmy® Awards, highlights of Lucy & Desi's First Joint TV Appearance, and hours of bonus features from the individual complete season releases!

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Special Features Season One All 35 uncut, digitally remastered Season One episodes, plus the long lost pilot 13 Complete Episodes of Lucy’s Radio Show: My Favorite Husband “Behind-the-Scenes” Featurettes Original Animated Sequences Original Series Openings Guest Cast Information Production Notes Scene Selections Song Selections Deleted Footage Restored Music Script Excerpts Photo Galleries Lost Scenes Flubs Season Two Special Footage - includes deleted footage and lost scenes Guest Cast Information Flubs Original Openings Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes Production Notes Lucy's Radio Show Season Three Flubs Lost Scenes Restored Music “Behind-the-Scenes” Audio Featurette Original Series Openings Original Animated Sequences Script Excerpts Production Notes Season Four Original Series Openings Script Excerpts Production Notes Song Selections Guest Cast Information Five Complete Episodes of Lucy's Radio Show: My Favorite Husband Season Five Special Footage Guest Cast Information Flubs Original Series Openings Slide Show Oppenheimer Interview Production Notes Lucy’s Radio Show Season Six 1956 Christmas Show Flubs Lost Scenes Restored Music Original Series Openings Original Animation Original Cast Commercials Promotional Spot Scene Selections Song Selections Guest Cast Information Colorized Christmas Show Scenes Five Episodes of Lucy’s Radio Show: My Favorite Husband "Bob Hope Chevy Show Sketch Highlights" Season 7-9 13 digitally remastered episodes Desilu / Westinghouse Sponsor Presentation Uncut version of "Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana" (not seen since original broadcast) Deleted scenes Flubs Original cast commercials Color footage from the set from 1951 Original series openings and closings

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