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Terror on wheels haunts the highways as a gang of psycho bikers, the Satans, prey on the helpless in the most desolate parts of the California desert. The sleazy riders invade a roadside café where bloodshed ensues, with only customer Johnny and waitress Tracy escaping the murderous carnage. The Satans set out in pursuit of the two witnesses unaware that Johnny is a trained-to-kill Vietnam vet who is a deadly one-man match for the maniac killers. Director Al Adamson's Satan's Sadists is the jewel in the trashploitation king's crown, mixing hippie hopheads, choppers, whacked-out violence, LSD trips and groovy music. Russ Tamblyn sheds his "boy next door" screen image as the kill-crazy gang leader Anchor, supported by one of drive-in cinema's all-time great casts: John "Bud" Cardos (with Mohawk), Robert Dix (with eye patch), Greydon Clark and Regina Carrol (the future Mrs. Adamson) as "The Freak-Out Girl." Buckle up and brace yourself for "probably the grossest biker movie of them all." (The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film)

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ALP1054 Satan's Sadists DVD (1969/Russ Tamblyn) $5.99