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REMASTERED Joe Pasternak produces another MGM spectacle of sight and sound which sees Esther Williams heading up a trio that includes Joan Evans and Vivian Blaine. Made at the express request of the US Navy in order to help recruitment during the Korean conflict, Skirts Ahoy tells the tale of three women who join the Navy after various romantic misadventures. One is a runaway bride, another was left at the altar, and the third despairs of ever seeing her supposed fiancÚ long enough to ever get him there. Undergoing basic training the three WAVES soon find themselves bolstered by love of country and service and empowered to withstand any and all romantic conflicts. Debbie Reynolds and Bobby Van make a most memorable guest appearance in the film which led the navy to adopt the Esther's swimsuit in the film as the official regulation swimwear for their female recruits!

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WAA24894 Skirts Ahoy DVD (1952/Esther Williams) $17.99