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In this stylish Japanese neo-noir collection, Mickey Spillane's "Mike Hammer" character gets a 1990s update. "A mix of humor, genre nods and visual oomph!" -- Variety "Now this is really cool!...I really can’t recommend this series enough. Basically an unknown series in the West. Hopefully this will go a bit of the way towards rectifying that".-Harry Knowles, Aintitcool News Drunk on B movie love, Kaizo Hayashi's gumshoe trilogy offers welcome evidence in the age of nth-degree reflexivity that the art of retro-kitsch plunder doesn't have to be mere necrophilia. Yokohama private eye and onetime juvenile delinquent Maiku Hama—with his nifty threads, lacquered hair, perfectly angled cigarette, and sunglasses at night—is an endearingly loopy vision of retro cool. (He's played by art-film displacement icon Masatoshi Nagase, who drifted through Memphis in Mystery Train, Hong Kong in Autumn Moon, and Iceland in Cold Fever.) Driving around in a shiny vintage Metropolitan, spurred on by a bachelor pad bongos-and-brass soundtrack, Maiku works hard at a Spillane-worthy exterior, though it crumbles with amusing ease and regularity. " - The Village Voice (*While all three titles are also sold separately, the box set contains a built-in discount.) Films The Most Terrible Time in My Life Director: Kaizo Hayashi Country: Japan Year: 1993 Shot in scintillating black and white widescreen, this self-conscious mis-translatioin of a hardboiled Mickey Spillane odyssey is indeed ultimately a dogged quest for "missing persons" --the cultural displaced of a post-modern Taiwan. The Stairway to the Distant Past Director: Kaizo Hayashi Country: Japan Year: 1995 "I get 50,000 Yen a day, plus expenses," growls tough-talking detective Maiku "Mike" Hama (Masatoshi Nagase) in The Stairway to the Distant Past, the second part of director Kaizo Hayashi's stylish modern-day Japanese film noir trilogy. Picking up where The Most Terrible Time in My Life left off, Stairway delivers a knockout combination of widescreen color visuals and savvy pulp storytelling more luridly violent, outrageously ironic and sincerely affecting than its predecessor. The Trap Director: Kaizo Hayashi Country: Japan Year: 1996 In love for the first time, cases booked solidly for months and a brand new fax machine prodding his office into the nineties, down-on-his-luck private eye Maiku "Mike" Hama has the world on a string at last. Or does he? In The Trap, things are not what they seem. When a hooded stranger appears in his office with the cryptic challenge "I want you to look for me," Hama is drawn into a string of bizarre serial murders that have Yokohama's police baffled and the city terrified.

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