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Cattleman Hank Moran and his gang are waging a range war against shepherding rancher Matt Thornton's operation. Gunfighter Ken Wayne is hired by Thornton to fight off the raids and harassment that Moran's men specialize in. There is one major complication - "Whispering" Carlyle, the man who raised Wayne and taught him to shoot, is part of the Moran gang, and neither Wayne nor Carlyle wants a showdown. One of the best early talkie horse operas, Guns for Hire (1932) would later be remade as The Tulsa Kid (1940) with Don "Red" Barry in the title role. Famous silent screenwriter/director/star Neal Hart appears as evil Hank Moran and stunt legend Yakima Canutt plays Sheriff Pete Peterson in this gritty, hard-edged western classic. The star of Guns for Hire, Lane Chandler, had his career peak in the silent era, appearing opposite such leading ladies as Clara Bow and Greta Garbo. He went on to appear in over 300 films in his four decade career, including some of Hollywood's biggest hits (The Plainsman, It's A Wonderful Life, The Greatest Show On Earth) though he was mostly cast in uncredited supporting roles.

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