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The most brilliant example of that dark and twisted film movement known as German expressionism, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is a plunge into the mind of insanity that severs all ties with the rational world. Director Robert Wiene and a team of designers crafted a nightmare realm in which light, shadow and substance are abstracted, a world in which a demented doctor and a carnival sleepwalker perpetuate a series of murders in a small community. This Kino on Video edition is taken from a 35mm print restored by the Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv of Germany, featuring the original color tinting and toning. With Conrad Veidt(Contraband,Waxworks), Werner Krauss (Waxworks), Lil Dagover, Freidrich Feher

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Special Features * A 43-minute condensation of Robert Wiene's Genuine: The Tale of a Vampire (1920) * Behind-the-Scenes footage of Robert Wiene on the set of I.N.R.I. * Two musical scores to choose from: - Music composed and performed by Donald Sosin - Contemporary orchestral score by Rainer Viertblöck * Gallery of more than 40 photos, posters and production sketches * New and improved English subtitle translation * Optimal image quality: RSDL dual-layer edition

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