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Betty Lee takes a wagon train West, after her plantation is burned to the ground in the Civil War. Her party is attacked by Indians, but she is rescued by Ted Thorne, a dashing cavalry officer, and the two become friends. Investigating the attack, Ted learns that the indians are taking their orders from a white man named Rance. The trail of evidence leads to a shocking discovery - Rance and a band of ex-confederate soldiers are arming, intent on starting a new rebel country in the West! Bob Steele is directed by his father, Robert N. Bradbury, in this Republic production, which boasts one of the most ambitious western villains ever. Steele, who was born Robert Bradbury, Jr., took roles in a number of the senior Bradbury's films, as well as dozens of other cowboy pictures. Unlike many of his fellow western stars, Steele routinely broke free of the genre, notably playing Curly in the 1939 classic of Mice and Men.

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ALP6709 Cavalry DVD (1936/Bob Steele) $5.99