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Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is a hero in Latin America for his willingness to stand up to the United States (both the government and the private sector) and his desire to use the nation's petroleum resources as a tool to bring a better way of life to the working class under his rule. But Chavez's policies have made him many enemies in North America, and in the American news media (especially conservative outlets such as Fox News), Chavez has been demonized for his rejection of U.S. policy, his pro-socialist stance, and his openly combative stance toward George W. Bush. Are either of these extremes an accurate portrait of the real Hugo Chavez? Filmmaker Oliver Stone presents a portrait of Chavez the politician and Chavez the man in his documentary South of the Border, which is built around a series of in-depth interviews Stone conducted with the Venezuelan president. Stone also includes interviews with a number of other major Latin American leaders, among them Bolivia's Evo Morales, Argentina's Cristina Kirchner, Brazil's Lula da Silva, and Cuba's Raul Castro.

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Special Features Oliver Stone's additonal questions for Hugo Chavez (2010) Behind the scenes of the South American promotional tour Deleted scenes "Changes in Venezuela" - a look at Chavez's reforms and the impact on the country's poor Two South American TV interviews with Oliver Stone

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