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In the harsh desert of North Africa, Captain Michael Gallant of the Foreign Legion is stationed on a peacekeeping mission. While gangs and bandits disrupt local villages, Gallant commands a post of well-trained Legionnaires, leading them into battle and delivering justice wherever it is needed. Buster Crabbe stars as Captain Gallant. Crabbe's real-life son, Cullen Crabbe, plays the role of an orphaned boy that Gallant raises as his own son. This classic television series also co-stars comedy side-kick veteran Fuzzy Knight and features officers from actual Legion outposts in Morocco. As Long As There Are Arabs: Wise man Ben-Abu is brutally murdered, arousing his tribesmen into a revenge-seeking frenzy. Rodeo: Cuffy organizes a rodeo fundraiser so that penniless Private Gomez can finance his wedding. The Purloined Envelope: Captain Gallant must prevent stolen plans for a top-secret airplane engine from falling into the hands of enemy agents. Water To Make The Desert Bloom: Nazis threaten to kill Corporal Grunner's mother if he does not betray the Legion.

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ALP5933 Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion, Volume 4 DVD (1955/Buster Crabbe) $5.99