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Alex Bolt (David Niven) is a British linguist who develops a universal language, called UNISPEAK, to try and achieve world peace and harmony. Overnight he is the most famous man on Earth and he receives a Nobel prize for his achievement. Meanwhile an ambitious US diplomat (Robert Vaughn) is trying to capitalise on his celebrity by commissioning a statue to be placed in Trafalgar Square to honour Bolt. Bolt's Italian wife, a renowned artist, sculpts an 18-foot nude, but because he's neglected her for years developing UNISPEAK she gives the statue a spectacular penis that definitely isn t his... Believing his wife has cheated, Bolt goes on a jealous search for a man with a matching phallus. Can art and love reconcile?

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SPECIAL FEATURES: Original Mono Soundtrack, Widescreen 1.77:1 Transfer Enhanced for 16:9 TV's, 'Conversations with David Niven' Archive Documentary, Trailers, Booklet Notes by Simon Sheridan

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UK515 Statue, The DVD (1971/David Niven) $27.99