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Hoot Gibson was an accomplished rider and rodeo champ before he even set foot on a back lot. Starting out as a stuntman, by the twenties he was a bona fide western star for Universal. Later, Gibson appeared in countless westerns for smaller studios such as Allied, and Republic. In 1943, Hoot came back from a six year hiatus, starring in the successful Trailblazers series opposite Ken Maynard and Bob Steele. The Boiling Point (B&W, 1932): Jimmy Duncan is poised to inherit his uncle George's ranch, one of the finest pieces of property around. Jimmy's terrible temper and his uncanny ability to get into trouble is a great concern to his uncle. In fact, George Duncan is so distressed by his nephew's wild ways that he gives him an ultimatum - if he can't keep his hot head cool for thirty days he'll lose all rights to the Duncan property. Seems easy enough, but Jimmy quickly manages to anger the ringleader of an outlaw gang, who makes it his personal mission to cheat Jimmy out of his inheritance. Starring Hoot Gibson, Helen Foster, Wheeler Oakman and George Hayes; Directed by George Melford. Frontier Justice (B&W, 1936): Cattle baron Sam Halston is committed to an insane asylum against his will as part of a plot to steal his ranch. The mastermind of the conspiracy is James Wilton, who has been given power of attorney over the cattleman's estate. His criminal plot is nearly successful when it slams into a roadblock in the shape of Halston's newly returned son, Brent. Brent is a playful, good-natured prankster, but he doesn't shy away from a fight. And he's definitely not happy with the foul treatment his father is getting. That spells big trouble for Wilton and his gang of thugs. Starring Hoot Gibson, Jane Barnes, Richard Cramer and Roger Williams; Directed by Robert F. McGowan.

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ALP5262 Hoot Gibson Double Feature: The Boiling Point/Frontier Justice DVD (1932/36) $5.99