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Dark Shadows DVD Set 11 includes Episodes 614 - 655 Julia Hoffman discovers wound marks on Barnabas‘ neck and realizes he is under the control of a vampire. Roger Collins attempts to prevent Victoria Winters from marrying Jeff Clark after he dreams the wedding will bring doom to her. After Chris Jennings arrives in Collinsport to investigate the death of his brother, a werewolf attacks a barmaid at the Blue Whale tavern. Victoria warns Nicholas Blair to keep away from Maggie after learning he has proposed marriage. David Collins and Amy Jennings explore the closed-off section of Collinwood, where they discover a disconnected old telephone and the mysterious spirit of Quentin Collins. Convinced that the mansion is being possessed by evil forces, Professor Stokes calls in a medium to investigate.

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Special Features Includes exclusive interviews with creator/executive producer Dan Curtis and actors Marie Wallace, Nancy Barrett and Alexandra Moltke.

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