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Based On A True Incident Romania, 1999: As the Kosovo conflict rages, a no-nonsense U.S. military officer (a career performance by Armand Assante) leads a platoon of Marines and a shipment of top-secret communications equipment towards a NATO outpost. But when a corrupt stationmaster halts their train, the soldiers find themselves the unexpected guests of an impoverished village filled with stubborn bureaucracy, beguiling young women and odd pop culture celebrations. In a time of war, what hopes, dreams and resentments does the arrival of America truly bring to the world outside? Jamie Elman (AMERICAN DREAMS) and Ion Sapdaru (4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS &TWO DAYS) co-star in the first and only film by award-winning 27-year-old Romanian writer/director Cristian Nemescu, tragically killed in a car crash shortly after completing one of the most internationally acclaimed socio-political satires of our time.

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