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Rich Relations (1937, B&W): When hot red-head Nancy Tilton applies for a job in the steno pool of a large insurance company, she sets loose a whirlwind of jealousy. Most of the eligible males in the office rush to get her attention, which angers some of the females, particularly sultry and conniving Trixie Lane. Both women have their heart set on smooth-talking rake, Don Blair, but Nancy also has eyes for her supervisor, the upstanding Dave Walton. The romantic work-place rivalries continue to heat up until a major crisis strikes the company - someone robs the payroll and Nancy is the prime suspect. Starring Ralph Forbes, Frances Grant, Franklin Pangborn; Directed by Clifford Sanforth. Hats Off (1936, B&W): Two neighboring Texas cities are staging major international expositions. Only one fair can survive economically, so the stakes are high and the competition fierce. Publicity whiz-kid Jimmy Maxwell heads the effort in Hempstead, and the rival Bradfield team is worried, so they bring in their own specialist - Jo Allen, a talented and beautiful New Yorker with a reputation for toughness. Jo's mission is to undermine Jimmy's campaign but a monkeywrench is thrown into her plans when she falls in love with her adversary. Starring Mae Clarke, John Payne, Franklin Pangborn; Directed by Boris Petroff.

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