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The star-director team of Charles Bronson and Tom Gries (Breakheart Pass) combine their efforts again on Breakout. Bronson plays Nick Colton, a reckless pilot who heads to an unnamed South American country, in hopes of rescuing imprisoned Jay Wagner (Robert Duvall). Villain Harris Wagner (John Huston), who has framed Jay, has an unlimited supply of henchmen at his disposal, but they're no match for the dauntless Colton. Jill Ireland, Bronson's real-life wife, costars as Duvall's missus.

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Special Features * Digitally mastered audio & anamorphic video * Widescreen presentation * Remastered in high definition * Audio: English (mono), French * Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Thai * Interactive menus * Scene selections

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CO04862 Breakout DVD (1975/Charles Bronson) $14.95