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Trigger Pals (1939, B&W): Rustlers have been helping themselves to livestock from the Allen Ranch. Three of the hands - Lucky, Stormy and Fuzzy - suspect an inside job. When Lucky is framed for the thefts, Stormy and Fuzzy vow to find the traitor in their midst. Starring Lee Powell, Al "Fuzzy" St. John, Arthur Jarrett, Dorothy Fay, Ted Adams; Directed by Sam Newfield. Texas Man Hunt (1942, B&W): Nazi agent Otto Reuther's army of saboteurs derail cattle trains, flood ranchlands and murder cattle ranchers as part of their plot to cut off the U.S. military's beef supplies. Marshal Lee Clark is sent to investigate. Starring Lee Powell, Bill Boyd, Art Davis, Julie Duncan, Karl Hackett, Arno Trey; Directed by Sam Newfield. Special Bonus: Lost Chapter from The Lone Ranger serial (1938, B&W, English with Spanish Subtitles): This rarely seen episode of the long lost, 15-chapter Republic Pictures serial, The Lone Ranger - considered by many to be one of the best chapter plays of the 1930s - was rescued from an old Mexican print. Starring Lee Powell, Chief Thundercloud,, William Farnum, Herman Brix; Directed by John English and William Witney.

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ALP5893 Lee Powell DVD Collection: Trigger Pals (1939) / Texas Manhunt (1942) / The Lone Ranger (Lost Chapter) $5.99