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"Anne of the Thousand Days" is the story of Anne Boleyn and how she was pursued by Henry VIII at the cost of his marriage and the fate of England's understanding with the Catholic church. It is both a charming retelling and one that has a particular bite to it, particularly as Anne's world starts to fall apart when Henry's eye is cast upon the beautiful Jane Seymour. For a late sixties production, the value of filmmaking is excellent; the costuming is absolutely gorgeous, and the performances are memorable. If nothing else, Anne's final speech to her husband while imprisoned in the Tower of London will linger with you -- that it will be their daughter, Elizabeth, who is remembered for her reign. "Mary Queen of Scots" does not deal merely with the title lady, but also her cousin Elizabeth, whose performance is beyond brilliance. It does dally a bit with the facts but no one really cares since it is presented in such an interesting manner. There are some gruesome aspects that seem a bit startling in contrast with the beauty of the film, but nevertheless it carries quite an impact, and the chance to see Mary and Elizabeth head to head in a couple of different scenes is well worth your time. I particularly liked the depiction of Elizabeth as something of a jealous, temperamental woman, since she was known for her tantrums, just like her dear father.

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