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A seafaring birthday celebration takes a turn for the terrifying when the passengers of a luxury yacht forget to lower the automated ladder before jumping into the ocean for a playful swim. It was a perfect setting for a relaxing weekend at sea, but sometimes even the best-planned trips can take an unexpected turn for the worst. After diving into the ocean and realizing to their horror that they have forgotten to lower the safety ladder, the friends who had set out for a simple weekend getaway realize that they have become helplessly stranded in the middle of the ocean. The sheer sides of the yacht are impossible to climb, and now the group is growing increasingly desperate. As the grim reality of their helpless situation slowly begins to dawn on the doomed friends, hydrophobic Amy (Susan May Pratt) struggles to maintain her composure after realizing that her baby daughter Sarah is helpless and alone aboard the boat. Now treading water as panic begins to set in, the once inseparable friends fast begin to turn on one another as exhaustion begins to set in and the vast ocean threatens to swallow the entire group without a trace.

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Special Features * "Making of Open Water 2" featurette * 16x9 widescreen version * 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Digital audio * English and Spanish subtitles * English closed captions

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LGE20919 Open Water 2 DVD (2006/Susan May Pratt) $14.98