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Set in 1963, The Flamingo Kid finds 18-year-old Brooklynite Matt Dillon, the son of blue-collar Hector Elizondo, getting a taste of the Good Life by joining several of his friends at "El Flamingo", a swank Long Island beach club. Wealthy car salesman Richard Crenna, the uncle of Matt's girl friend Janet Jones, befriends the boy and takes him under his wing. Thanks to Crenna's influence, Matt secures a good job at the Flamingo. The boy is bedazzled by Crenna's sumptuous lifestyle, and most especially by the older man's reputation as the Flamingo's reigning gin rummy champ. Dillon begins taking on airs, which alienates his down-to-earth father.

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MGM's DVD comes with the matted edition of the movie on one side (letterboxed at 1.85:1) and the full-screen version (1.33:1) on the other. As with many matted films, the letterboxing cuts off picture information from the top and bottom of the image, more than adding anything to the sides, making the choice of which side to watch a matter of taste more than anything else -- the letterboxed side feels more open and less tight at the edges. The picture itself is a decent transfer, but nothing more, on a movie that was intended as a realistic comedy set in 1963 -- it was supposed to look mundane. Both the full-frame and letterboxed versions get the same 16 chapters, and offer the same simple menu on startup, which opens automatically.

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