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What Ho-Romeo! (1930, B&W): A beautiful shop clerk succumbs to the charms of a smooth-talking medicine show huckster. A young handsome Jack Benny stars in a rare leading man role. Stars Jack Benny; directed by Scott Pembroke. Dental Follies (1937, B&W): A dentist moves the drilling chair into a nightclub, treating his patient's pain with heavy doses of vaudeville acts. Stars Pinky Lee; directed by William Watson. Rhythm In A Night Court (1937, B&W): In this comedy short, vaudeville acts and a jazzy band wreck havoc as they turn a courtoom into a nightclub. Stars Al Bernie and Harry Rose. Hotel Anchovy (1934, B&W): The Ritz Brothers are hired to prevent anyone from checking out of the Hotel Anchovy - with hilarious results. Stars The Three Ritz Brothers BONUS: "The Memory Lingers On"

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ALP6342 What Ho Romeo/Dental Follies/Rhythm In A Night Court/Hotel Anchovy/ The Memory Lingers On DVD (Ritz Brothers/Jack Benny) $5.99