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Steve McQueen ("The Great Escape") and Ali MacGraw ("Love Story") are at their finest as husband and wife thieves on the run in this classic Sam Peckinpah ("The Wild Bunch," "Straw Dogs") action-thriller. The sizzling screenplay by Walter Hill ("The Warriors," "The Driver") is based on a novel by pulp legend Jim Thompson ("The Grifters," "After Dark, My Sweet"). The #5 box office hit of its year! Later remade with Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.

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Special Features * Commentary by Peckinpah biographers/ * documentarians Nick Redman, Paul Seydor, Garner Simmons and David Weddle * "Virtual" Reel 1 commentary by Steve McQueen, Ali MacGraw and Sam Peckinpah * New featurette Main Title 1M1 Jerry Fielding, Sam Peckinpah and The Getaway * Reel 4 bank robbery sequence with alternate Jerry Fielding score * Audio-only bonus: alternate Jerry Fielding score * Sam Peckinpah movie trailer gallery

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BRWA59 Getaway Blu Ray DVD (1972/Steve McQueen) $14.98