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This third film version of the hectic Margaret Mayo-Salisbury Field stage farce Twin Beds officially stars George Brent and Joan Bennett, but it's Mischa Auer's picture all the way. Newlyweds Mike and Julia Abbott (Brent and Bennett) can never be "alone at last" thanks to the unwelcome drop-ins by their friends, including flamboyant Russian musician Nicolai Cherupin (Auer) and his wife Sonya (Glenda Farrell), and by Julia's ex-beau Larky (Ernest Truex) and his wife Lydia (Una Merkel). Seeking to escape their well-meaning but intrusive chums, Mike and Julia move into a luxury apartment, only to discover that their next-door neighbors are?.you guessed it. The fun begins when the drunken Nicolai wanders into Julia's boudoir by mistake. Attempting to hide Nicolai's presence from Mike, Julia gets deeper and deeper in trouble when Sonya shows up demanding to know her husband's whereabouts. Just when it seems that things can't get any worse, who should arrive on the scene but Larky, in hot pursuit of a nonexistent burglar.

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