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Richard Barthelmess stars as a man who reminds us that heroes aren't just the people who do the big, newsworthy things, but can be the ordinary person who does what they should when the odds are stacked against him. Robbed of his hero status following bravery in WWI, Barthelmess returns to America a drug addicted shell of his former self. Throughout the course of the film, he rises and falls several times, battling labor strife, drugs, and the Communism scare, all the while trying to save himself and those he loves during the Great Depression. Barthelmess is effective in the central role, as is Loretta Young as his wife. The real standout, however, is Aline MacMahon as their friend, a loyal woman with a big, but broken heart. While other studios were making glossy films about impossibly rich people, Warner Bros made films about ordinary people struggling to survive. It's a startling look at the Thirties, well directed, acted, and written.

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