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The Moonstone (1934; B&W; 45 Minutes): Franklyn Blake (David Manners) returns to England from India with the famous Moonstone, a precious diamond that will be inherited by Blake's fiancee, Anne Verinder (Phyllis Barry). When he arrives at the Verinder house in the Yorkshire countryside, he finds a houseful of guests, including the notorious Carl Von Lucker (Gustav Von Seyffertitz). While Anne is sleeping someone steals the Moonstone necklace from her, and it's up to Scotland Yard's Inspector Cuff (Charles Irwin) to figure out which one of the guests at the house robbed the priceless gem. Murder At Midnight (1931; B&W; 67 Minutes): A murder is staged for a game of charades but the bullets are real and a man is dead. The house is full of party guests and one is the murderer. This classic from Tiffany Pictures is a first-rate "old dark house" thriller.

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ALP4217 Moonstone/Murder At Midnight DVD (1934/1931 David Manners/Alice White) $5.99